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28th of Sunharrow - Falcon & A New Threat

August 30, 2016 07:40PM
28th of Sunharrow
Our dealing with the thieves guild done, we set our mind to new projects: Namely getting the Maw rebuilt. Alaric felt that the new bar should be larger, and in this acquired the slum next to the rubble, razed it himself, and got locals to help clear both sites. An architect was found and hired, and using small illusions and other magical bits we spelled out what we were looking to do. Her job is to make it real, preferably on the budget we have set. She seems enthused to make a name for herself, and this project would do just that if she plays her cards right.

Part of that was taking the newly acquired gems to Odo to see if could appraise them and possibly improve on them and/or sell them for us in some way. Shockingly, Odo offered us a handsome sum for the lot of them, and noted he would have a hard time improving on them as they were nearly perfect. Instead he apparently intends to sell them and/or hold a few for his own use. This is great news, since it means the Maw expansion will be less painful to accomplish.

While returning, we crossed paths with Falcon, and a lady friend whom he was with that Dove had noted previously. Dove said earlier that she felt this woman had cast a spell on him, or had some hold over him that was unnatural. On seeing her, I had a sick turning feeling that I’d not felt in some time. Using my angelic senses, I confirmed instantly what my gut was trying to tell me: This was no woman, but an evil extra-planar being! While she and Dove traded words, I cast True Strike, and as she used her wiles to charm Dove (and accomplishment to say the least), I leashed a Witch Bolt on her, knocking away the illusion she’d cast on herself. During the battle, the Succubus wound up draining the life from Dove to the point that she was at deaths door. We dispatched the demon, with haste, and rushed Dove to the monastery for healing. Alaric cleaned up the corpse and carted it to the old crypt, as Anu noted she wanted a few bits from it for spell components.

On arriving at the temple, we found brother Tarol working with a cardinal named Deater VonStrause who had arrived to heal Jorlim. Jorlim was restored, mainly, and was able to walk and move about. It will still be some time before he’s at full operation again, but he is at least on the path to recovery now. Speaking with the cardinal in a quiet corner, I noted that another person was in dire need of healing, our companion Dove. He seemed hesitant, and so I chose to spread my wings and repeat the request. I figure two others had seen my true origin in the past two days, why not go for three in a row? It worked, and he quickly went to Dove and restored her.

After agreeing to meet up again with everyone later that night, the Deater and I took a walk in the gardens and had a rather long discussion. It seems his faith had been wavering, and my presence, and timing, had apparently sparked anew a flickering faith; along with a frenzy of questions. Why was I here? Why do I hide my origins? Why does evil exist in the world? What is the nature of the realm? And on it went. At one point brother Tarol came crashing through a set of bean vines, having tripped in his attempt to stealthily follow us. (A two-for-one!) He promptly excused himself, and then joined in the conversation. As much as I enjoyed our talk, as dusk set in I noted that I had other duties to attend to, as did they. I offered to visit with both of them again tomorrow for breakfast.

Given how well my hiding is going, perhaps tonight I shall climb to the roof of the Skull and Gibbet, spread my wings, cast light about myself, and proclaim my true name and home to all present… At the rate things are going, half the town will know by seasons end anyway. I doubt my companions would look on me any differently (well, except perhaps Anu), but that’s not the point, is it? My origin would only distract, and draw unwanted attention. The town currently only has a couple Succubuss to our knowledge… I’m sure that would increase if there were rumors of Daēvanąm in town.

On returning to the only remaining place we have to call home, I found my companions enjoying supper. We retired to the lair to discuss the events of the day, and matters less public. Apparently Anu’s father is in town, or rather at the crypt, hiding out for some reason that is still unclear (an older thieves guild?). Dove has convinced Hedra to take over the Skull and Gibbet from Gorestag, who is now living in Hedras old apartment. Hedra and Mica are now… involved in some way. There are so many things going on, and intrigue and rumor is everywhere. A dwarf named Delage at the bazzar needs to be questioned. Thilo is still to be dealt with. Was Vogle one of the thieves we dispatched, or was he still free? And what are we doing next?

At the very least, Dove and Jorlim seem well. And in any case, there’s little to no notice that I was gone for some time, nor how Nxy or Twilight, or even the Succubus commented on my being different. Perhaps this will all blow over after all.

(This concludes the month of Sunharrow. The log continues on the first of Reaping, the next day.)

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